February 2023

  • Gloomy Gram$ is about to be released. Official date: 02 . 03. 2023. Be prepared for this new collaboration between Paully Gram$ and myself. 

January 2023

  • Gloomy wishes you an excellent year under the sign of health and positive attitude. Projects will follow:
  • Paully Gram$: Gloomy Gram$: Album scheduled for February 2023
  • Lekrytur: project planned for the beginning of the first quarter.
  • General Spade: planned for the coming weeks.
  • Nk / Gloomy: album planned for later this year, featuring international mc’s.I will keep you informed about the progress of the projects.On that note, take good care of yourselves and let’s hope for the best in 2023.

December 2022

  • New Orcelo Clip in the video section. 

November 2022

  • New video by Paully Gram$ called “Perspective of the Wallflower” available in the video section. Album in Process.
  • New video Clip by Lekrytur “Artist from Cameroon” produced by Gloomy in the video section.

October 2022

  • Jozeemo “Vandal Savage” is out and available on all the music platforms. Tracks Released: “How i Think” & Better Days”.
  • Smeag Scientist “Dreams” album is out. I produced a lot of tracks on this one : “Favorite Girl” Feat Miss Rosy, “Money up” Feat Og Springs, “Good Life”, “One day at the time”, “Thank you”, “Worth it” and “Karma”

September 2022

  • New arrival of fresh beats for the new school year; I updated my soundcloud page, added pictures to illustrate the theme chosen for each beats as well as the playlist towards the different sounds I sample and that inspire me for the creation.
    Projects are in preparation with Nastee Killah, Lekrytur, Arthh, Paully Gram$ and Gamz.  More news later.
  • The collaborative album with General Spade is about to be released but I still don’t have a date for it; I’m looking forward to its return.
  • Jozeemo is releasing his album on September 30th on which I have put two instrumentals. I’m currently putting the final touches on one of the mixes. The album entitled “Vandal Savage” is going to be heavy and will make you shake your head; word of Gloomy.
    On these good words, I wish you a very nice fall; take care of you and your loved ones. Stay connected.

August 2022

  • New Jozeemo available by the end of september. I produce a couple songs on it, and the trailer is available here
  • New project with Arthh from Mexico is scheduled. More info later.
  • New Project with Smeag Scientist is scheduled. More news coming soon. 

July 2022

  • The Gloomy Sailor Presents “Watch Around you”, his first instrumental album. Available on all music platforms such as Spotify
  • New Paully Gram$ & The Gloomy Sailor Track in the video section. The album “Gloomy Gram$” in on the way, no release date yet. 
  • New chronicle about the new Lp from Billy Rosco “Summer Watermelon” here 
  • “Dances with Wolves” by Benny Holiday and Gibby Stytes featuring Donnie Menace in the video section.
  • New album from Benny Holiday and Gibby Stites “Hellspawn” availlable on Goon Musick.
  • New Gloomy Trailer  here. 
  • The new Billy Rosco album “Summer Watermelon” is finally here. I produce 4  tracks on it. “Summer Watermelon”, “Birds”, “Street lights” & “Do not Disturb”.
  • Preorder the new Billy Rosco “Watermon Summer here. The Gloomy Sailor produces many tracks on it. 
  • New Project with Michel Debois, professional pianist, composer  and a long time friend on the way. Release scheduled on 09/15. Billy RosCo album will be available on The 5th of July on all pltaforms. Many tracks produced on the record. More info coming soon
  • New Fres Da Poet Project on The Gloomy Sailor Bandcamp. Listen to the link in the discography section.
  • New Badcamp widget in the discography section. You can buy the records over there. 

June 2022

  • New video with Billy Rosco called “Birds” presented by Snowgoons Themselves! I’m speechless! You can watch it in the video section. Good listen you guys!!
  • Instrumental project called “Watch Around You” available in the discography section. Offical release 07/31. 
  • Musical Project with Michel Debois, Pianist, Composer, Multi-Instrumentis from Liège, known since my childhood on process. Release in a month and a half from now. Stay Tuned…
  • A new project with the artist Lekrytur from Cameroun in on the way. More new coming soon.
  • The General Spade/Gloomy Project will be available on all platforms the  14 th of Augustus 2022. More info coming soon.
  • New Billy Rosco, member of The Savage Brothers available in July.
  • EP with Fres Da Poet on the way. Release scheduled soon.
  • EP with Paully GRAM$ on process by now, more info coming soon.
  • Holidays from June 3rd to the 19 th. Please contact me via mail if you need any information.

May 2022

  • Mc’s on the Nastee/Gloomy Project:
  • Smeag Scientist (USA); Benny Holiday (USA), Arthh, (Mexico) Joey Infamuz (USA), Saïko l’Insolence (France), Tar one (Belgium), Micsteam (USA), Lekrytur (Cameroun) , Microglycerime (Belgium) , Asiatik (Colombia), Aigle 4 (Belgium), Lado Shad (Belgium), El Pep’s (Belgium), Kapital Kaye (Canada), Gram$ (USA), Gunnz (USA), Le Cioner (Belgium), Destro (USA),  3nn3mis Int3llig3nts (Belgium). 
  • The Nastee Killah / The Gloomy Sailor project is on the way. More info will be announced. 
  • New  Track with Micsteam featuring Pillz and Djquara in the video section.

April 2022

  • New Billy Rosco Video Shooting this week-end in NYC with Goon Musick. Video available soon.

March 2022

  • New songs chosen by Billy Rosco, a member of the GoonMusick. Expected to be released in June-July.

February 2022

  • List of Mc’s involved in the Nastee Killah/Gloomy Sailor project: Destro, Gunnz, MicSteam, Joey InFamuz, Gram$, Fres Da Poet, Miss Rosy, TarOne, El Pep’s, Cioner, 3nn3mis Int3llig3nts, Smeag Scientist, Ley De Ohm,  Shookz, Lado Shad, Arthh and Microglycerime…
  • New Record with Destro Scheduled. No date yet.
  • New record with Fres Da Poet on the way. More info later.
  • Nastee Killah (Producer from Belgium) and The Gloomy Sailor have decided to release an album with different mc’s from Belgium, France, USA, Australia and Colombia. No date yet but it’s gonna be epic. 
  • Slash Ben Da Goon is out and available on all music platforms. Check the release section.
  • New Video Clip “Objectif” by Lado Shad & The Gommy Sailor available. Link in the video section.
  • “Ben Da Goon” will be released in two weeks. The Gloomy Sailor will be on many titles. More info coming soon.
  • New interview with Lado Shad about his career, the collaboration with The Gloomy Sailor on “Entre deux  rives” and his career in the Hip-Hop Game HERE

January 2022

  • New record with Lado Shad and Aigle 4 scheduled.
  • New Benny Holiday album called “Ben Da Goon” released soon. Many titles from The Gloomy Sailor will be on this one with a feat with Napoleon Da Legend. Stay Tuned.

December 2021

  • New Project with Gamblez (USA) on its way. No release date yet.
  • New Project with General Spade (USA) scheduled.
  • New release from Angels in Atlantis in the video section. Featuring Absoulut Karnage

November 2021

  • Featurings on “Angels in Atlantis” : Absolut Karnage, Qualm, Blaq Poet, Shooks, The J. Hexx Project; Gamblez, Joey InFamuz; General Spade.
    Release this friday 11/20.
  • Covers and Credits for “Angels in Atlantis” album. Release date 11/20.
  • New Track Between Benniy Holiday & The Gloomy Sailor called “Prop Gun” from the upcoming project “Angels in Atlantis” in the Video Section.

October 2021:

  • Collaboration between Benny Holiday, Blaq Poet & Qualm is scheduled to be released  10/26/21
  • Angels in Atlantis is coming (No release date yet but it will be listenable as soon as possible.

September 2021

  • New press article from URBAN VAULT about the Track “Departed” Featuring Qualm of Savage Brothers and Gamm.
  • New intro track from “Angels in Atlantis” released; Check it in the video section.
  • New Grind Mode Cypher AsheJam Vol. 4 Prod by The Gloomy Sailor available in my video section.

August 2021

  • New Video Shooting for “Entre Deux Rives” available right now. Check the video section.
  • One of my beats have been chosen to be the main single of the next Snowgoons/Savage brothers album!!!
  • Official Cover Drop!!! Benny Holiday x The Gloomy Sailor = Angels in Atlantis !!! Preorders are ready THIS ALBUM IS FIRE!!! Cover by Andy Pungent Beats !!! Hit my inbox to get it first or visit
  • Angels in Atlantis, song preview with Qualm of Savage Brothers
  • A preview of the “Angels in Atlantis” Project with Benny Holiday. Release Scheduled for September 2021. Preorders available soon @

July 2021

  • Some Kind of good feedback oversea !!
  • A new track is coming with Smeag Scientist soon, Video available here
  • Possible Record with Savage Brothers after “Angels in Atlantis” Release.
  • Two of my beats will figure on the next Big Snowgoons record!! Wonderful!

June 2021

  • “Entre deux Rives” will be released on  Juli 25th. We keep you dated. Here is the cover:
  • rawsidehiphop about “Blackwater Magi” Record:  Go read the review here
  • A Review about Masters Degree by Boom Bap Nation here
  • New video clip for Benny Holiday. It’s called Master Degree and got some features with Smeag Scientist, Destro, Kato Thraxxx. Check the video section .
  • The record is finally released. You can check the complete record in my releases section.
  • One of my beats has been chosen to figure on the next Grind Mode Cypher in South Carolina, USA on this friday 24 th. 
  • New Video with Benny Holiday called “Blackwater Magi”. Check the video section.

May 2021

  • A Beat Album with Reece Shookz (Mc & Producer from Melbourne, Australia) is scheduled. More info coming soon…
  • Benny Holiday
  • ‘s BlackWater Magi record is scheduled to be released on june 17th. 
  • Blaq Poet and Masta Ace, Usa Hip Hop Legends will figure on the Beni-Hana – The Gloomy Sailor Record. “Angels in Atlantis” in production…

April 2021

  • The name of the Collaboration Album with Benny Holiday will be titled as “Angels in Atlantis”. Scheduled for release on July 4 on GoonMusick Records.
  • A Ten tracks project is scheduled with Benny Holiday just after the release of “BlackWater Magi”. More info coming soon…
  • The Gloomy Sailor is currently working with the legendary Lado Shad long-time rapper based in Liege.
    It will be a 6 tracks project coming soon…
    The cover art will be realized by Julien Skwal Pecheur, my favorite graphic designer.
  • New connections with Famous Mcs and a featuring between Benny Holiday are on its way.
  • Video Shooting for the track Silent War on 04/02/21  
  • 6 tracks project is Scheduled with Lado Shad, MC from Liège. More info coming soon…

March 2021

  • Currently working with Benny Holiday; North Carolina Mc , member of the Goon MuSick Label.   Features: Smeag Scientist ; Destro ; Carolina Cracker , Kato Thraxxx…
  • Collaboration with Sanboy of the Collective Nitroglycerime from Liège:  
  • Planning some joints with Lado ShadBelgian Mc from Liège. 
  • Works with OrceloBelgian Mc from La Louvière.
  • A record with Grone Da Radikal , American MC from South Florida is scheduled.