Paully Gram$ & Gloomy: “Perspective of the Wallflower

Lekrytur & Gloomy: “Kamer Showbaise”

Paully Gram$ & The Gloomy Sailor: “What’s it all Mean” Featuring Dj Slipwax

Benny Holiday & Gibby Stites: “Dances with Wolvez” Feat. Donnie Menace

Snowgoons present: “Birds” by Billy Rosco from The Savage Brothers

Mic Steam : “Ledge” Feat. Pillz & Djquara

Benny Holiday : “Time in a Bottle” Feat. Napoleon Da Legend, Jozeemo, Lingo
“Slash Ben Da Goon”

Lado Shad & The Gloomy Sailor: “Objectif” . Cuts by Dj R100

“Entre deux Rives”

Benny Holiday & The Gloomy Sailor : Throne Room Feat. Absoulut Karnage

(Angels in Atlantis)

Benny Holiday & The Gloomy Sailor: Prop Gun Feat. General Spade and J.Hexx

(Angels in Atlantis)

Lado Shad & The Gloomy Sailor: “Entre deux rives” (Entre deux rives)

Benny Holiday:  Fishes feat. Qualm & Blaq Poet

(Angels in Atlantis)

Benny Holiday: The Departed feat. Gamm & Qualm of Savage Brothers

(Angels in Atlantis)

Benny Holiday : Lucifer Caduceus

(Angels in Atlantis) 

Grind Mode Cypher AsheJam Vol.4 

Smeag Scientist Ft. Miss Rosy – My Favorite Girl 

Benny Holiday – Master Degree feat Smeag Scientist, Destro & Kato Thraxxx 

(Blackwater Magi)

Benny Holiday – Blackwater Magi

(Blackwater Magi)