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If you'd like to get a beat from the Sailor, please, fill in the contact form in the pop-up box at the bottom of the page with its name. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

"Songs in Dark Waters are what define me best. A real therapy and introspection that gives me strength and hope for a brighter tomorrow. This dedication is my Legacy." Sincerely, The Gloomy Sailor.


“I Heard” is finally online! Akua The God & The Sailor from God Division just for your ears and eyes! 

Video: Sean Hartgrove

Album in progress, Stay Tuned 

AKua The God

“Pieces of Life”

Mexico-Belgium Connection

Finally on Line!!

Arthh & Gloomy "Pieces of Life" Recto Cover

Phantom DK


Grim Smilezz



“Microphone Burning”


Giorno Giovanna





Video Clips


AKua The God